About Allshoes

Allshoes Benelux specialises in fashionable safety shoes. We think up and design our own brands, each and every one on the basis of a unique and innovative market philosophy: safety shoes must fit in with the most significant fashion trends. Allshoes. where Protection meets Style.

Redbrick®, the original safety sneaker

In 2010, we launched our first own brand: Redbrick® safety sneakers. Redbrick is the revolutionary alternative to the traditional safety shoe; a trendy sneaker. Just as safe but with a fashionable appearance. Redbrick has shown tremendous success and is now one of the leading brands in Europe.

Grisport® and our other top licensed brands

Alongside our own brands, which we are continually adjusting to fit the latest trends, materials and techniques, we are also license holder for a select series of top brands, including Grisport, To Work For and Sika. We have also accepted the challenge, offered to us by global brand Ford, to market their Ford safety shoes under license.

The Allshoes licensed brands are especially selected by us on quality and fit. But that’s not the only thing; new models from these top names are only introduced to the market once we have added our particular brand of specialist knowledge. Only once the brand is Allshoes-proof will we allow it to bear the Allshoes brand.

Allshoes: rapid delivery

Allshoes Benelux is located in Alkmaar and supplies from stock within 24 hours in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg and within 48 hours in Germany. We also supply to France, Switzerland, Austria, Britain, Ireland and Sweden.

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